Privacy Policy

  1. By using Personata Products (web services and desktop applications), you confirm that you've read and agree to these privacy policies:
  2. In order for Personata Products to work, some information must be collected. We collect and store the information you've provided on our private servers. We may also process your information for better service.
  3. We do not sell or rent your profile information.
  4. We collect your registration email.
  5. In the process of creating Profiles, we temporarily collect your Profile IP, which may be your public IP, and Profile OS, which may be your host OS.
  6. The Profiles you create will be stored on our private servers. If you chose your host OS as your profile OS, this information may be included. This field may be changed by the user at any time.
  7. Profiles may contain your personal information only if you intentionally put it there. Otherwise, they will contain only the basic data that is required to run the Profile in the Browser.
  8. Profile Browser preferences, caches, and other Profile-related details stay on your local device. We do not collect them.
  9. If you visit our web pages, we may collect cookies.
  10. This privacy policy may be changed in the future. It may change in the new releases of Personata Products or independently. We will try to reach you and inform you of any changes. You are responsible for having the correct contact information.